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Best clip 3: Kiwi!

Best clip 5: Beautiful Clouds

Best clip 6: - Big phone

Best clip 8: Free Hugs Campaign. (music by Sick album out)

Best clip 9: Nissan Skateboard

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Two Guys Jump Out From University Window, 21st Floor
MAtrix Ping Pong
Genius Bird
Inside of Hard Drive
Daft Hands - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
Sprintcuts: Turbo Parking
Benny the Supercop
jamie pierre - *HILARIOUS* Commercials *FUNNY* LOL
Two Guys Jump Out From University Window, 21st Floor
MAtrix Ping Pong
Genius Bird
Inside of Hard Drive
Daft Hands - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
Sprintcuts: Turbo Parking
Benny the Supercop
jamie pierre
01:11 - *HILARIOUS* Commercials *FUNNY* LOL


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Jun 16, 2014

Find out if your Internet service provider plays YouTube in HD

Nothing ruins the experience of watching a YouTube video like Magic of Rahat more than seeing the dreaded buffering wheel, which is why we're always working to make videos play smoothly in the best quality possible. And when you can't see what you want, when you want, it's important you know why. Starting today, if you're in the U.S., you can use the Google Video Quality Report to see the level of video quality your Internet service provider can play YouTube. If you're regularly seeing videos buffer, this report can give you a better idea of why, as well as tips to make YouTube play better. You can also see the video quality other ISPs in your area are delivering, based on these levels: HD Verified: If your provider can consistently deliver HD video, a resolution of at least 720p, without buffering or interruptions--it's HD Verified. Standard Definition: If you can watch videos at a resolution of at least 360p, your provider is delivering Standard Definition. Lower Definition: If videos load slowly or frequently buffer, even at resolutions lower than 360p, your provider is delivering Lower Definition performance. [more]

Apr 08, 2014

You can now upload gameplay and snap videos with YouTube on Xbox One

Next time you're playing Titanfall and nail that jump-run-jetpack move, there's a new way to show it off to your friends. With the new updated YouTube app for Xbox One, you can now upload gameplay from your Game DVR to your YouTube channel in just two clicks. YouTube now also supports Xbox One Snap Mode (so you can move it to one side of your screen, where it will continue to run while you do something else on the main part of your screen) 'cause ain't nobody got time to switch between screens while in the middle of a game. Watch a how-to video while stuck on a board, play an awesome music playlist while you finish a level, or catch up with the guys from TeamCrafted while browsing on your Xbox One. [more]

Oct 10, 2013

Better commenting coming to YouTube

Quick taste test. Let's say you're watching a video from Justin Timberlake. What type of video comment would be awesome to see: one from JT himself, one from people you care about who love the video...or one from just the last random person to stop by? When it comes to the conversations happening on YouTube, recent does not necessarily mean relevant. So, comments will soon become conversations that matter to you. In the coming months, comments from people you care about will rise up where you can see them, while new tools will help video creators moderate conversations for welcome and unwelcome voices. [more]


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